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How it all began

How it all began

In 2014 Allie Langton began the myflightlogbook™ adventure after flying from Cairns to Christchurch with her husband and 6 month old daughter.
“As young children in the 1970s, my sister and I were given Air New Zealand Logbooks which recorded flight details of our first round the world trip. I thought I would buy something similar for our daughter’s first flights, so she had a momento of the trip even though she was too young to remember it”.
Unable to find a child’s flight logbook in any store, a hastily bought notebook was quickly transformed into a logbook with a few stickers and hand-written page headings.
“Once back home, I saw the opportunity to create something myself and so began my “nap-time” myflightlogbook project”. Combining a passion for graphic design, marketing and parenting, the myflightlogbook project quickly grew into a genuine desire to help parents feel relaxed about taking their first flight with a child or baby.
Launched in 2017, the logbooks are printed in Heathcote by Spectrum Print (on FSC certified paper) and bound by local Christchurch bookbinders, McHargs, Web design is provided by Meltec Design (Father-in-law, Graham Langton) based in Rangiora. Proudly New Zealand made, every myflightlogbook purchase helps support the livelihood of local people and businesses.


Our goal is to make parents feel supported and equipped as they embark on travel adventures with their family.
Our E-Book HAPPY SKIES: The Travelling Parents Guide to Travelling with Children is available as a free download to help parents feel encouraged to explore the world with their children. We strongly believe that travel at a young age can help children build confidence for their later years when they may travel independently or with their own children.
We want to help make travel an enjoyable expe
rience. Our logbooks have been designed to create excitement as children wait for their logbook to be returned to them and then delight when they recieve their own personal message from the Captain. And it’s fun for parents to see the messages too! Over time, a logbook will become a very special momento of childhood adventures.

Our goal

Our social and environmental values underpin the way we do business.

We take sustainabiliy seriously, so we:
- Use FSC certified paper and printers
- Use local suppliers
- Partner with businesses and groups who share our social and environmental values
- Provide information to help you travel in a sustainable way
- Are proud to be NZ made.
We care about the world we travel through. We encourage families to travel in an environmentally sustainable way. This starts with thinking about how we use the resources and services of the countries we visit and demonstrating care for the resident population.